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Copyright Laura Loup, 2019

Hop aboard

The Audacity.

May narrowly escapes an oddly organized alien invasion and her first concern is finding a new job.

What happens when you put a workaholic in a rocket ship?

Enter a Universe of surreal settings, lovable characters, chaotic conundrums, and a fascination with the color orange.


Tarot in Space

A limited edition retro sci-fi inspired Tarot deck which utilizes color symbology and story telling to create a universe of depth and beauty. 

- 78 holographic edged cards

- Full color guidebook

- Collector's box


The Audacity's Horrific Horrors


Episode #1

An Audacious Short Story

In a haphazard grab at eternal life for the short-lived May, Xan gets reeled in by a killer pyramid scheme. Will either of them survive? No. The answer to that is no, they won’t.


Laura Loup is a very serious humorologist with an extremely impressive BFA in animation that she promises to never actually use and an intense desire to eat orange. Not the fruit, the color. Though the fruit will do in a pinch.


She owns a metaphysical shop called Cosmic Corner in Savannah, GA with her husband and is the mildly peckish artist behind Tarot in Space. 

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