The Audacity's Horrific Horrors

Episode #2

Believe it or not, there aren't scary clowns in this one.

"May June July, Earthling, had rather hoped she would never be eaten. Xan, her Tuhntian companion, had held a similar aspiration.
The likelihood of either of them attaining this life goal was dropping by the blip."

May, nostalgic for Earth carnivals, insists on visiting a shitty carnival on a distant asteroid, but when she and Xan get there, they find it abandoned. Keen for an adventure, May breaks in to explore the empty park, which is exactly what the remains of the carnival staff want.

You’re about to enter a side of the Audacity you haven’t seen before. A dark side. Ghastly, gruesome, dreadful, and at times even spooky. We’re here to peek our heads through a tiny rip in the fabric of space and time and peer into an alternate reality wherein horrible horrors await our wholesome heroes and the only explanations are unexplainable.
If you’re squeamish, turn back now!
Rest assured dear readers, none of what follows is canon.

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